Executive Chef

Andy Thomas

Chef Thomas brings 30 years of professional culinary experience to The Elephant Team. He has worked, run and consulted for kitchens and the back-of-the house operations at some of Baltimore’s most premier and cutting-edge restaurants, including: Citronelle, Donna’s at the BMA, The Ruby Lounge, The Atlantic, Spike & Charlie’s, Gertrude’s Restaurant, Wine Market and Donna’s of Charles Village.

Andy has a passion for cooking that he likens to breathing. He coaxes out culinary masterpieces that summon appetites to want to keep tasting forever. He continues to work with notable chefs such as Michel Richard at Citronelle, winner of all around Best Chef award from James Beard Foundation. He remains close to Spike Gjerde, who recently won James Beard’s Best Chef in the Mid-Atlantic region award with Woodberry Kitchen.

Like most chefs, Andy’s intense when it comes to anything food -related. He is, however, nothing like the stereotypic chef in that his disposition leans to fair, honest, kind, patient, fun-loving and humble. Kitchen staff thrive under his creative tutelage which translates to delighted restaurant guests.

Guests will enjoy reinvented recipes, as Andy introduces globally influenced cuisine from local purveyors of beets to meat. The Elephant Team is honored to be working alongside Executive Chef Andy Thomas.