Linda Brown Rivelis & Steven Rivelis

The Rivelis’ own and manage several highly successful companies, including: Eye Byte Solutions – an international award winning design firm; VSOP [Very Special Older Properties] – a real estate development firm that specializes in breathing life back into iconic buildings – including the total refurbishing of the building which is home to the Elephant; and Campaign Consultation, Inc. – a global social change consultancy which Inc. magazine recognized as one of the “Top 100 Inner-City Companies in the US.”

In 1988, before launching their first business, they considered starting a restaurant, but decided the timing just wasn't right. Then a few years ago, Linda and Steven circumvented the globe for two months. They selected fifteen sites based upon the likelihood of sampling excellent, innovative and unusual cuisines – which they did, BIG TIME. They lodged at renowned hotels, visited internationally savvy GMs, cooked with extraordinary Executive Chefs and sampled amazing "street food.” They returned stateside bursting with world perspectives in cuisine, hospitality and design.

The journey reinforced Steven Rivelis’ love of cooking, passed down from grandpa Pincus, who owned a restaurant in NYC. In addition to a love of dining and entertaining, both Linda and Steven share a similar design sensitivity toward creating environments that are warm, welcoming and exciting.

So when the building at 924 North Charles Street came up for sale, they deemed the timing right to now satisfy their hospitality passion and pursue their decades’ long dream of owning a restaurant. They engaged the services of VSOP – their development firm – and re-built this historic building. And then to make the dream come true, Linda and Steven teamed up with Mallory Staley to form The Pincus Restaurant Group [named after Steven’s grandfather] and together they opened The Elephant with a focus on hospitality, service and global inspirations.

The Rivelis’ are always on-site and hands-on, contributing their cumulative 60 years of business acumen to the profound restaurant capabilities of Staley … working as a team to create each night one of Baltimore’s finest dining experiences.