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As you enter from North Charles Street, you pass beneath crystal and alongside intricate carved wooden paneling, the explorer in you may benefit from a map to familiarize yourself with this fully modernized 1850’s mansion that houses an iconic restaurant. Welcome to The Elephant!

Dining and Bar, 1st Floor

The Dining Salon is flanked by Communal Dining areas located in the front window and atrium. If you wish to enjoy a beverage of fruit or savory juice, wine and/or spirits, our bartender will quench and satiate your thirst and hunger needs in the first floor bar. For the explorer in you, here are clues to locate some of the first floor’s 1800s decorative features.

• Restaurant namesakes
• Another namesake above
• Stained glass sky light
• Marble dove
• Ancient Germanic translation - “Where you are, so is my heart”
• Cherubs abound
• Lady Woodcarvings
• Handcarved Teak
• Geometric design

Sip, Slurp, and Schmooze, 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor Bar has a European stand-up configuration from which to sip fruit / savory ades / juices, teas, spirits, wine and beers. In addition, fresh oysters will be shucked in real time for your slurping pleasure. You can sit and schmooze while enjoying beverages, oysters, appertifs, lite bites, desserts and digestives in the cozy lounges that flank the bar. Here are some 2nd floor decorative arts clues to find when you visit.

• 32’ Marble surface
• 3 more Tiffany stained glass areas
• Griffins abound
• French Empire
• Names on hallway wall
• Exotic fireplace mantle